Who are we?

P.T. SAPTA SUMBER LANCAR is a leading steel supplier that provides solutions to construction problems; we specialize in ship building-repairing and architectural works. We are dedicated to work with our nationwide customers to enhance your productivity and grow your business. We have served our valued customers since 1989, and since then we have been striving to provide the best service to you.

Founder of Lancar Corporation, Mr. Yudianto Krisnadi started his career in Kian Sien - a steel distributor company which belonged to his mother-in-law.

In March 15th, 1979, based on his 25+ years experience in steel business, he finally built his own steel company called Lancar. By 1996, 4 companies were established under Lancar including P.T. SAPTA SUMBER LANCAR.

As an ongoing effort to ensure our customers to have the best products with competitive price, for the first time, in 1996, we sourced our products from other countries; and as of today we have sourced from 10 different countries.

Due to the asian financial crisis and political instability post Soeharto presidency, we suffered from a loss of demand and confidence throughout the market. In addition, the exchange rate that plunged from 2,600 Rupiah to 11,000 Rupiah for 1 USD  created more challenges for the company.

Years of struggles ensured the survival of our business. By 2001, the steel price started to get better and the demand for construction work increased. Soon, we became one of the largest steel distributor in Indonesia. By the early 2002, the company was looking for new ways to spread its wings by venturing to bar market.

The property price slumped, but our firm and long history kept us strong in the market.

Today, P.T. SAPTA SUMBER LANCAR has grown from one small warehouse located at Jl. Berbek Industri I/12 into a nationwide steel solution provider that will  meet your specific needs and requirements.

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Supplying stocked steel

   since 1979.

office: Jl. Berbek Industri I/21, Sidoarjo ph: (+6231) 848-2999 fax: (+6231) 843-2199 email: sales@sapta.co web: www.sapta.co